Media Education & Training

Creativity & Innovation

This two day course examines the creative aspirations for those attending the programme from personal, career and organizational development point of view. We use creative exercises undertaken by the group to explore the nature of creativity supported by readings on the underpinning theory. Various elements of background reading are used to stimulate debate about creativity and innovation, to enable us to debate and question the very nature of creativity and innovation. Theories on Humour are used as an example of creativity in action.

The Media Landscape

A one day programme that provides and overview of the media industry. It includes some definitions, history, facts on the global industry, and film & television terms. The industry and business processes –how it produces the product, the value chain and the processes. The business models and the points where the money is made – the risk and returns. Challenges today and challenges for tomorrow –to the creative, business (entrepreneurial) and professional individuals and organizations. This leads to an exercise to Launch a TV show.

Project Management

A one day introduction to goal directed project management for media projects.