About us

Peter is a business consultant and an academic conducting research into the creative industries. His main interests are about the workforce and careers in this sector.

About us - team

As an independent consultant he works for media operations management ltd a company established to assist organisations with their people development, particularly in the UK television industry. He is an associate for c&e advisory.

In his academic role he is the course leader for the international MA in Global Media Business at the University of Westminster. This programme is delivered in Beijing, China and at the Harrow Campus of the University.

Currently he is conducting research for a PhD on UK Government Skills Policy and its impact on the UK Broadcast Industry. He runs occasional short courses on managing creative teams based on this research. His papers are freely available on ResearchGate.

He writes regular articles on management and leadership issues available at: http://allabouttalent.wordpress.com/ and Twitter: @allabouttalent.

Until 2011 he was the Chief Executive Officer of the Broadcast Equality & Training Regulator (BETR).  Prior to that, for ten years he managed a global media development department in the Business Consulting Services of IBM and held several posts in PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting.

Peter began his career in broadcasting as a trainee at Thames TV. He went on to be an owner/manager of three production companies specialising in location recording, computer graphics and post-production. In academic roles he established and managed a Media Production BA at West Herts College and a MA degree in Media Management at the University of Hertfordshire. His book Managing in the Media was written to support these programmes.

What we do

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Publications and Research

A wealth of knowledge

Peter has written for a wide range of journals and produced a number of reports for Government and associated agencies. In 2015 he wrote the briefing notes for the Employment &Human Rights Commission used in their legal guidebook on Diversity in broadcasting.

Career development consulting

On the job

The consulting service is based on Peter’s many years as a Learning & Development specialist; designing and delivering learning solutions for a wide range of organizations in the public and private sector.

Media education & training

Creativity x Innovation

Through a partnership network Media Ops offers a range of media education related services. These include media management workshops and courses on creativity and innovation.